Does Quitting Smoking Aid In Weight Gain

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Sometimes it is hard to decide on which program to use in order to quit smoking. Some offer workable solutions while others are just lies which are unpractical at all. You should not jump into trying what you read from the internet. Not every information found on the internet is from reliable sources. Some news is written for marketing purposes and they may not contain factual information. So they can be misleading. Knowing how to filter through until you arrive at the right information about quitting smoking is an added advantage. It is worth saying that quitting smoking is possible. There are countless testimonies from people who have overcome the habit of smoking and have lived to share their experience with others. Although there are many programs in the market meant to help you atop smoking, it is advisable to go the re-programming way. This involves unlearning the art of smoking and learning to replace it with something more beneficial and healthy.

There is however one challenge which comes with quitting smoking. A good number of those who have succeeded in quitting smoking have complained of increased body mass and weight. Many of them have sought answers to this dilemma. Does it mean that quitting smoking makes one to put on more weight or what could be the problem. What contributes to this scenario? What many people don’t understand is that quitting smoking does not mean controlling your weight. It is a good idea to embark on taking the necessary steps to reduce weight as soon as you succeed in quitting smoking. Research reveals that weight gain after ceasing to smoke is sometimes is a psychological problem. Most people try to substitute smoking with imbibing on food. This practice accounts for the increase in weight. To check on this possibility, you should engage in activities that help you check on your weight.

The fact that there is a possibility of gaining weight as a result of quitting smoking should not scare anyone from breaking from the habit. There are some who use this point to justify their continued smoking. This is crazy because you cannot compare smoking with gaining a small amount of weight. Never be caught in that line of argument. As soon as you notice that you are gaining weight fast, know that you are giving your body more than you require. This will help in checking for the amount and type of food you consume on a daily basis. The bottom line should be to keep healthy rather than aiming at losing weight. In most cases, weight gained as a result of quitting smoking does not go beyond ten pounds. By engaging in a physical activity one can greatly check on his or her weight. No one should be scared to quit smoking because of the fear of gaining weight since not all people fall victims to this possibility. There are those who have successfully stopped smoking and have succeeded in keeping their body both healthy and fit.

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