Is There A Link To Quitting Smoking And Depression

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Cigarette smoking has been around for quite a long period of time. Much has been said about cigarette smoking and quitting. What many people did not relate the connection between smoking cessation and depression. It is recently that this link was discovered. Those who experience depression after quitting smoking are those who had gotten addicted to the habit. The condition seems to aggravate when one stops smoking. The link between the two may be connected to the craving and love for cigarettes.Even after a person has stopped smoking,proper counseling is to be offered to help the patient overcome depressive tendencies.Most of those addicted smokers find it hard to live without the stick.For a long period of time this person has been conditioned to smoking and has developed an attachment to cigarettes.This is a psychological problem which leads a person to incline towards anything that has nicotine.On realization that he or she cannot go back to smoking,the patient may be tempted to device withdrawal mechanisms.

Some of the symptoms associated with smoking quitting depression or withdrawal include; tingling in the hands and feet, headache, sweating, headache, nausea, cramps.There are other recorded symptoms like feeling discomfort and other signs. Generally those who quit smoking will experience an amount of depression any time they have that urge to smoke.This comes especially when the brain reminds him or her that he is no longer programmed to smoke.This message makes him feel unde siege and hence leads to withdrawal.Other feeling associated to quitting smoking include; feeling restless and depressed, feeling confused, anxious or irritable.Sometimes you feel like you are not in control of your feeling.This is because your body and thinking ptern was used to earlier programming which had smoking as a stimulant.It is said that the most difficult period ais two weeks after quitting smoking.If you can go through this moment,then rest assured that you are free from the smoking habit.

It is said that many of those who show tendencies of being depressed might have had the condition even before they started smoking. The patient will experience mood swings. He may be very excited at one moment only to become gloomy or moody the next moment. The tendency seems to get worse if you use what I will call “stop smoking quickly”products. Anything used to “cheat” away smoking habit is bound to have severe side effects. To have a lasting result you need to employ step by step ways towards stopping the habit.depression are both emotional and physical. You should begin by setting your mind on your mission and working towards achieving that goal at all cost. As you pursue your smoking quitting goal, ensure that you keep your self posted by reading books and or magazines on this subject.

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